First Grade Information

​Greetings! There are four student packets: instructional packets from Central Office, a Spring fun packet, an instructional packet for week of April 13th and an instructional packet for the week of April 20th. If you have any questions about the assignments, please email me at and I will respond. 

April 13th instructional packet directions:
-Using the graphic organizer with the topic sentence about going to a special place, complete the topic sentence, what happened first, next, last and write the conclusion sentence. 
-Using the supplied paper, write using your completed organizer. Draw and color. 
-YouTube the read aloud "Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse" by Leo Lionni. Using the storyboard graphic organizer, write or draw what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. Write about "Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse" using the supplied writing paper and your completed storyboard. Always color!
-Writing Questions and Statements, decide if each sentence is an asking sentence or a telling sentence. Write it correctly. Don't forget capital letters and ending marks.
-Words with "ai" and ay", read the words and circle the picture that names the word, color.
-Contractions 'll, 'd, write a word from the box to finish the sentence. 
-Compound words, name each picture and circle the two words that make the compound word that matchers the picture, write the compound word. Color!
-Blends, look at the picture, name the picture, circle the blend that begins the word, write the blend on the line. Color!
-Subtract (take away), follow the color key, color the coins yellow, count the coins.
-I know Coins, match the front and back of each coin, cut, sort, glue, color.
-Make a penny book using the brown construction paper and the penny page, cut, color, glue. 
-Counting Coins, look at each amount, color in the pennies brown to match.  Pennies are worth one cent. Count by ones.
-Counting Coins, look at each amount, color in the nickels silver (use your pencil to color) to match. Nickels are worth five cents. Count by fives. 
-Counting Coins, look at each amount, color in the dimes silver (use your pencil to color) to match. Dimes are worth ten cents.  Count by tens. 
-Coin Sort, Color pennies brown and dimes silver (use your pencil) , cut, sort, glue.
-Seeds, read about seeds, use the words in the word box to fill in the parts of the seed. Color!
-Kinds of Plants. read each sentence, circle the answer, color!
-Math enrichment, find the missing numbers and the rule, complete each pattern.

 I stapled the ST Math login and password card to the April 13th packet. ST Math is always an option if you have a computer, tablet, or phone with internet access. Your student can also use the web site, ABCya, first grade sorting coins and they can also sort whatever loose change you have into pennies, nickel, and dimes.  Let them count like coins. Count all pennies, then all nickels, than all dimes. 

I will send instructions for the April 20th packet on Friday, April 17th..Happy Spring!