S. Price - Spanish Teacher



¡Hola! Me llamo Sra. Price!

This is my fifth year teaching Spanish as a Westside Eagle!   My goal with my students is to not only teach them basic Spanish vocabulary, but to introduce them to all that the Spanish language and culture has to offer.  If you’re interested in learning alongside your student, please join us on your student's canvas Spanish page.  There you will find books, videos, songs, games, and other educational treats. My canvas classroom is set up to be interactive, with lessons attached to the calendar on the top right of the page.

My first experience with the Spanish language began in an afterschool enrichment program when I was in kindergarten.  We learned basic colors, numbers, shapes, and basic communicative words.  It was then where my love for the Spanish language began.  That is where my love for the Spanish language, culture and FOOD began!   

When I’m not working on hands-on lessons for my students, I love cooking & baking, painting, and spending time with my family.  My husband and I have four daughters (three recently married) and a dog.  We’re all HUGE Virginia Tech fans!  GO HOKIES!