Enrollment Requirements
Below is a list of items you will need to present to enroll your student into RCPS-

~Identification of Parent/Guardian

~Official Birth Certificate

~Social Security Card

~Immunization Record (with signature of doctor or health department official)

~Current School Schedule (if enrolling during the school year)

~Current Grades (withdrawal grades) and/or last report card

~Offical Transcript (high school only)

~Two Proffs of Residency *

~Documentation of custody

~ IEP or 504 Plan Documents (if applicable)

*Examples of proof of residency include: copy of utility bill, lease or rental agreement, settlement contract, drivers licens
-Note: If a driver's license is used as proof of residency, you must have a current utility bill as well.
If the student is not living with parent(s), court documentation indicating a custody order must be provided.
-Note: A summons to appear in court, a petition for custody, or a hand written notarized letter indicating a change in custody is no an acceptable form of documentation of custody.