Web Sites for Students/Work Packet Directions/Meals
Hello First Grade Students and Parents!

I miss all of you soooooo much!!  I hope all are staying well.  I have a bit of information for you for these last few months of school.  Of course, it will be by internet or work packets.  Below is some information about internet websites useful for your child right now, work packet directions, and meal deliveries.

1.  Here are some useful websites to enhance your child's learning for the remainder of the school year:
      a.  STMath - go to RCPS webpage, click on Student, click on Clever, student puts in username and              password (this was given on the first packets that came out - your child should know it - we used this a lot in class), click on the penguin icon (jiji), and you're in!!
      b.  Math Resources
      c.  Reading/Language Arts Resources

2.  Work Packet Directions:
When reading a story, you can read the story to your child or it can be a story they can read themselves.  Most worksheets are self explanatory, but a few may be confusing - 
What a Harvest - -s on the end of the word is for plural
Main Idea - some of the worksheets are where the student has to develop his or her own main idea and supporting details.  You can read a story for this.  Nonfiction (real) stories work best for main idea/details
Contractions - circle the contraction that goes with the two words that make that contraction
4 Fun Facts, Listen to Reading, Remember the Story, Main Character - you will need to read a story to complete these worksheets
Digraphs and Blends sheets - digraphs are /sh, ch, th, wh, ph, .../, blends are /fl, bl, gl, fr, br, gr, etc.../
My Sentence Checklist is for writing complete sentences that the student comes up with on their own
2 Way Math - the student needs to come up with an addition and subtraction sentence that will give him or her the answer of the number in the pumpkin (sum for addition, difference for subtraction)

3.  Meals:
I know the school system is still delivering meals so stay tuned to robo calls from the school system about these deliveries

These packets of information do not need to be returned to school at this time, but I would keep hold of them until we know if they need to be turned in or not.  I will still call on Fridays to make sure everyone is doing okay, need anything, or have any questions.  Please remember our school hours are now 9am-1pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only.  The school phone number is 540-853-2967.

I hope I see all of you soon!!!

Love and miss you all!!!!!  Take care!

Mrs. S. Gliniecki