J. Spaulding



My name is Ms. Spaulding, and I’m excited to be your child’s kindergarten teacher. This will be a fun year filled with new experiences for your child! 


A Little Bit About Me

I grew up in the Washington, DC area and graduated from Towson University in Baltimore, MD. I moved to Roanoke in 2009 and completed my Masters in Teaching at Mary Baldwin College in 2013. I taught preschool as part of the Virginia Preschool Initiative in Bedford County for 4 years before joining Westside in 2014. I live in Garden City Roanoke, and am proud to be teaching in my own city!


Please be sure your child is in gym shoes for PE.

Everyday Learning Experiences
Learning doesn't only happen at school. Your child is observing everything and taking in the world at all times. I encourage you do some of the following activities with them at home:

* puzzles

* draw & write

* look through picture books and make up stories

* recite nursery rhymes

 * learn how to spell family members' names

* go on a letter hunt

* count everything! (Your child will need to count to 100 this year)

* visit the local library

Remember...we are a team in your child's education. Please contact me at any time with questions or concerns!

[email protected]